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Serial number Booking date
Export shipment requirement Spell the ticket Please feedback of name of vessel, voyage and b/l number
Name of vessel voyage Routes
Date of sailing The bill of lading no.
Master bill of lading no.
Cheng name of vessel voyage Date of sailing
Three name of vessel voyage> Date of sailing


Place of receipt* Port of shipment*
The discharging port Terminal
Place of delivery* The destination*
The carrier clause*
Basic Information
The consignor* The consignee*
Shipper address* The consignee address*
Notify party address *

Goods Name

Cargo information* Shipping mark
Name in Chinese Commodity code
Type Number*
Gross weight* Volume*
Temperature Dangerous goods code
Level Size Box
Carton quantity The container
Super size note Using overweight ark  

Carton information
Carton no. Lead seal no.
Box state
number Gross weight

Other information
Terms of payment* Place of payment
Payment instructions Sign the bill type* score
Sign a single location    
Booking space contact and interest* Documents contact and interest*
Booking note Owner's remark